Fore Honor Foundation

NonProfit 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization



At the Fore Honor Golf & Event Center, Fore Honor at Deer Creek USA
Donated Facility Location & Utilities
and opened the new
"Veteran Center Access Office"
remote location for Jefferson County

Officailly Opened December 1st, 2017

Serving 24,000 Veterans & families

The Beautiful Fore Honor Golf & Event Center at Fore Honor at Deer Creek USA is the Proud Headquarters of the Fore Honor Foundation.

Fore Honor Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to provide our Veterans, Military and First Responders PTSD Healing and Wellness opportunities with a variety of methods available. Offering natural proven eco-therapy with Golf , on site Counseling as well as offer a variety of additional services programs and activities to nurture and promote Wellness.
The Fore Honor Foundation is honored to also assist many other organizations throughout the year that help provide a positive impact on people and our community by offering free or discounted help to those whose quality of lives have been challenged. To encourage the Veterans and First Responders to play and allow the abundant Eco-therapy to naturally help them with some of their PTSD symptoms. We provide FREE green fee’s for Military, Veterans and First Responders. Free Honor Memberships of Free daily Green’s fee’s for daily play here at Fore Honor Golf and Event Center at Deer Creek USA.

We Opened the first Veterans PTSD Wellness and Counseling Center inside our beautiful chalet style Course facility where the natural healing of eco-therapy is abundant in the beautiful hills sides surrounding the Golf course are a first All Honor's Golf course and PTSD Wellness Center of our kind and for Jefferson county. We are providing the PTSD Wellness Center and sustain it. The St. Louis Veterans Center provides the Veterans Counselor. We need to stop the 22 suicides a day and offer reliable, trustworthy resources to help them and their families. Therefore we are seeking Grants and donations and proceeds of events will go to help support this very important Mission and Vision.

This very special place of Honor, Respect, Healing and Wellness is created to help provide various forms of healing and wellness such as Eco, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental therapies for Veterans, Military, and First Responders with PTSD and TBI and their families.

The Fore Honor Foundation Founder & Visionary, Andrea Politte, is the daughter of a very patriotic father, proud mother 2 amazing sons, her eldest a USMC SSgt 3x Iraq War Veteran, combat disabled & now medically retired from PTSD & TBI chronic extreme and other life altering injuries sustained He is the owner of Elite Lawn Scapes. Andrea's youngest son is a talented graphics IT lead, audio engineer & web designer of Elite web Scapes & Very proud of his older brother and all family who have served. Andrea created
Fore Honor at Deer Creek USA to help provide Healing and Wellness for PTSD for our Veterans and First Responders and to remind us to be grateful and remember ALL who are willing to put their life on the line every day to protect and defend each of us and our freedoms.

Andrea is also inspired to help by many additional family and friends who have served during war and non-war times including a sister who is a Disabled Army Sgt Veteran. We are open to the public and invite you to play golf or book events to help us support our Mission and Vision of Honor Respect, Healing and Wellness to help us Honor & Heal those who serve and sacrifice.

Want to Help? Please do, we need your help! We can’t do this alone and need your support. Book your next fundraiser, tournament or event with us. We have a variety of sponsorships and advertising available. All Donations whether monetary, volunteering, in-kind auction items or products are sincerely appreciated and go to assist Our Mission and Vision of Honor and Respect for all who Serve, Protect, Defend, & Sacrifice .

Thank you in advance.

Your appreciated Donation can be by check, credit card or web site. /
Fore Honor at Deer Creek USA / Fore Honor Foundation
5300 Dulin Creek Rd House Springs MO 63051
"By giving Honor and Respect we feel we provide hope and where there is Hope… there can be healing. The reason anyone can be out playing golf or doing any activity and enjoying their day is because someone is sacrificing their own lives to have their backs. Together, we can touch hearts & help heal lives." - Andrea Politte, President & Owner